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Big Boss.

It was The Big Boss, a gripping story set in the steamy side streets of Bangkok, which first set Bruce Lee onto stardom in the far East. The story about gangland warfare and one man, The Big Boss who controls the drugs syndicate of Thailand. Bruce Lee takes him on .............and wins!

In some of the most exciting action ever filmed, Bruce - playing a young factory worker called Cheng - chops and hacks his way through an army of hired killers until he finally comes face to face with the Big Boss. In the final scene, Bruce, unarmed but for his deadly skills in Kung Fu, kills the boss and smashes his empire.

Although already immensely popular in Hong Kong television for his portrayal of Kato in the Green Hornet series, the film rocketed Bruce to super stardom throughout the East, breaking all box office records in every country it was shown.

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