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Enter the Dragon

With Bruce a national hero to millions of fans in his two previous films, Hollywood's top producers were soon wanting to sign Bruce up for an American production. In 1972 Bruce signed with Warner Bros. for a record budget movie produced by his old friend Fred Weintraub. The biggest ever film crew ever assembled in Hollywood was flown out to Hong Kong, and Enter the Dragon was made.

Bruce, playing Lee, the top student at Hong Kong's shaolin temple, is recruited by an international intelligence organisation to crack an enormous vice and opium racket controlled from a sinister island fortress.

With help of American Karate stars John Saxon and Jim Kelly, Bruce explodes into Kung Fu action far below the steel fortress in an amazing network of secret tunnels and caves. Bruce fights various assailants with various skills in hand combat and Kung Fu weapons. His now famous battle cry was also introduced to film audiences.

Finally he fights to the death with Han, who was a renegade SHAOLIN priest with only one hand, the other had a claw for a fist. Bruce finnishes off Han by leaving him speared on a huge stake. Tragically Bruce collapsed and died whilst dubbing the film and never actually saw the completed project. This was his final film completed. On its release in Asia and Europe it stormed to the top of cinema charts. If Bruce lee had lived he would have been the highest paid action artist of the time.

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