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Game of Death.

Game of Death, the uncompleted film of Bruce Lee's work was actually shot straight after the end of Way of the Dragon and before Enter the Dragon. Bruce wanted to rest after Way of the Dragon, but the unexpected arrival in Hong Kong of Kareem 'Big Lew' Abdul-Jabber paved the way for Bruce to include some fight scenes to be shot while the tallest basket player in the world was there. Bruce had already set up his own film company called Concorde with the making of Way Of the Dragon. The fight scenes were shot within a week. At this time Enter the Dragon's production was near to starting, so Game of Death was put on hold.

Because Bruce died whilst dubbing Enter the Dragon, Game of Death was stored for over three years. Eventually a story was decided to incorporate the fight scenes that Bruce had recorded three years previously. The film is not a masterpiece - apart from the fight scenes which Bruce starred and directed.

The aim of the film is for Bruce to go from level to level of a pagoda and defeat the master of each level. A master stroke.

In 1994, Bruce Lee the Legend was made starring Jason Scott Lee (no relation), this film was an autobiography of Bruce Lee's life.

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